Happy Birthday Julie girl!

Today is my very good friend’s birthday.  She is one of those amazing people that I call a “healer”.  Those are people that make you feel good about yourself just be being near them.  Jules is one of those people.  She is also an amazingly kind and loving woman.  I am very blessed that she is my friend (even if she does drag my lazy self out of bed before any sane person would think of getting out of bed  especially because she encourages me to walk in the mornings.)  🙂

I have been working on Julie’s present for a while, although I wasn’t sure if I would actually give it to her.  This is my first knitting project.  The funny thing was that I was working on it in front of her last weekend at an outdoor concert.  I even told her what I was making.  I just didn’t tell her it was for her, but I was on a deadline! 

Happy Birthday Julie!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Julie girl!

  1. You are the sweetest!!!! Thank you so much for my birthday present!! I love it!!! It especially has “special meaning” since I know this is your first knitting project and I know you have spent hours on this project!! And what’s even more amazing to me…. is you made this purse WITHOUT a pattern. You go, girl!!! Thanks again, dear friend!!

  2. Happy Birthday Julie. Cassie, the purse is WONDERFUL. You did a great job. I like the color and would love one for my birthday (hint!). I hope Julie had a wonderful day (even if she did make you walk which is what good friends do because they want to be your friend for a VERY long time, not that I’m nagging or anything.) 😉

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