When my children were little (year or two old) they had a favorite video that they watched.  Actually I think it was the only video that they watched.  It was Sesame Street’s Rock-n-Roll.  We still have the video.  Well tonight we put on while we were babysitting for my nephew. 

He too loved the music.  He also loved it when Todd pulled out his guitar and started playing .  This is a picture of him dancing while Todd is playing.  I just want to eat him up.

My sister came over to pick him up, and the baby snubbed her.  He wasn’t about to give up guitar time even for grandma. (Yes she is the grandma.  She was a very young mom.  Someday maybe she will give me permission to tell her story.) 

We did pry him away from the guitar, but I have a feeling he will be back.  🙂  Who can resist Sesame Street?


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