Blessed by Signs of Fall

Last night we were invited to a friends house for a bonfire.  We had such an amazing time.  There was great food, lots of conversation, kids running all over the place, and a giant fire!

Just a teensy too warm to toast the marshmallows.  Katie is waving the stick.  I think she was surrendering, but I am not sure to whom.

Part of the spread.  Everyone lined up quickly to grab hamburgers and hotdogs fresh off the grill.  Notice all the coats.  Just four days ago it was 116 degrees in my classroom.  Iowa weather is crazy!

Todd hanging out with warm apple cider.  I love fall!  It smells so amazing.

Jim is yawning!  Or maybe he was so shocked by something Lysia said.  I’m really not sure.

Hanging out and relaxing with your friends is always a blessing! 

Pastor Craig just sat there gazing at the fire and talking about how there is nothing more relaxing.  I had to agree.

Course that was only the “over 20” crowd.  The “younger than 20 crowd” was playing catch, doing the splits, trying to bribe rides on the golf cart, and playing hide and seek.

But even N had to take a few minutes to just sit in awe of the evening.

Thank you to our hosts!


One thought on “Blessed by Signs of Fall

  1. Nice pictures–it looks so cozy, fun, and inviting! Today as we were driving to my son’s football game I commented to my husband that fall was definitely in the air.

    I love fall, it is my favorite season as an adult. Of course as a child I was wild about summer. But fall has a charm all of its own–sweaters, apple cider, beautiful scenery from the changing leaves, bonfires, crisp air–to name a few.

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