The Idea of Keeping an Art Journal

I really like the idea of keeping an art journal.  I have been hearing whispers of such journals all summer and then Jennifer over at CraftSanity interviewed Dawn DeVries Sokol the author of 1000 Artist Journal Pages.  As I listened to the pod cast all I wanted to do was pick up some thin line markers and go to town in a journal.  I love the concept of an art journal.  Just doodling thoughts, ideas, lists, feelings into a picture. 

I think I am a fairly creative person, but truth be told I don’t have a passion that I funnel all that into.  My husband plays his music and you can feel his creativity vibrate through your chest.  But me???  I try this and I try that.  Obviously I have the theatre.  However most of that is truly day to day running the business.  I am not usually (except for Jack and the Beanstalk) in the creative process of putting on the play.  I have things I try.  So far this summer I have drawn, sewn, baked (gained 10 pounds), knitted, rug punched, and I think there may be some things I am forgetting.  (Consequently I don’t do any of these things real well.)

So here I sit with these visions of creating an art journal.  I’m not foolish enough to think I would ever do this kind of thing every day, but I am thinking maybe I will try just a few pages a month.  I would like to incorporate some pictures of my family into these.   

Another reason this is appealing to me is the post last week about stressMorroco’s comment about coloring relieving stress came about the same time I listened to the pod cast.  Both idea’s have just been sticking with me. 

So now I have laid it out here.  I think I will give it a try.  Sometime later this week I will post whatever I end up with on my blog.  Maybe you are interested in keeping an art journal.  Maybe not, but the pod cast and Dawn’s website are both very interesting.  I can’t wait to see the book.

*On a separate note I would love to do this with kids during Writer’s Workshop for a few weeks.


4 thoughts on “The Idea of Keeping an Art Journal

  1. I love this idea! I think an art journal would be great for Evan because he is really into drawing. At his school and in residential treatment as well they have art therapy. He oftens gets into trouble because he wants to color and draw all day long. I think he uses it as an outlet to deal with his emotions. Now they use drawing as an incentive for Evan to make better choices.

    P.S. Thanks for the link!

  2. I too, liked reading about Morocco’s coloring idea relieving stress. I enjoy coloring and find it very relaxing. I don’t do it nearly enough as I’d like. Thanks for the reminder, Moroco!!

  3. I am not focused enough to actually have a journal that I can’t do on my computer, and drawing would be out. But there have been times when I have been stressed out and I grab the kids’ coloring books and start to color. You become so focused on the colors, staying in the lines, and doing everything just right that your stress kind of floats away.

    I should have colored last night.

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