This Made Me Do a Double Take!

My husband is an amazing drummer!  He has played all kinds of music and is always in at least one band.  Many years ago he was in a band that played with Slipknot frequently.  Well it seemed frequently to me, as I am not a Slipknot fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed talking with the band members, but I do not listen to that kind of music.  In fact I remember one conversation that I had Shawn that I particularly enjoyed.  We spoke for a long time that night.  (In all honesty Todd doesn’t hang with that circle of friends much anymore.  He made some life changes.)

However there is one person in that circle that I am particularly indebted too.  That would be my friend Steve Robinson (not in Slipknot, but hangs with them).  You see Steve is the reason I met Todd.  Steve and Todd grew up together.  Steve was playing at a coffee shop (you can read more about that story here.)  Steve eventually played at our wedding, which I thought was beautiful.

Well last night Todd was watching a new video that Steve and Shawn’s (from Slipknot) new band, To My Surprise.  It was weird to see people I know animated.  Steve is the guy in the back seat with the dreadlocks and a third eye. 

The double take came on the Barbie Doll like boxes that have some weird head and “Cassie” on the label.  I am not vain enough to think it references me(and that is absolutely OK with me!)  I think Shawn’s daughter may be named Cassie as well.  If you are interested, you can view it here.

Oh and by the way it took YEARS for me to believe that Slipknot had become famous.  (Just in case one of them runs across my blog, sorry guys!)


4 thoughts on “This Made Me Do a Double Take!

  1. Actually it’s an older video that was spotlighted. Too My Surprise is no more. They actually broke up right before a show we were both billed to play.
    Shawn aka ‘clown’ is doing the SK thing right now and another side project, dirty little rabbits in which I got to open for by happenstance sitting in with W. Wisely. Steve is doing the Robinson Foundation thing that he is fronting.
    The tyke (I’m a current member, think orchestrally composed postal service rock) just got done playing a fun bill with:
    the punkpop band Funks G (local band, think against me)
    Chrash Flood (Quad Citys, former member of tripmaster monkey, think Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians) and the wonderful KaiserCartel (Brooklyn, NY, think boy girl super duo with rich vocals done in a quirky folky style, must see indie).
    It was a good crowd and I made $2.50, it paid for my Wendy’s value meal. I figured professionally for 25+ years I started at the top in pay and have been on a steady decline.

  2. As I tried to follow your descriptions of who is where, well I think I figured out that who is on first.

    Also I forgot to mention that this video isn’t really my thing either. Give me a nice coffee shop folk song girl or Christian Punk Rock aka Super Chic. Of course I do love my pop singing Willie Wisely and Mike Ruekberg.

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