My Dog

Lilo is one of our family pets.  She is an English Cocker Spaniel and beautiful.  Currently she is driving me crazy.  We have had for five years.  She has never been a particularly good dog.  She is hyperactive, bossy, and hard-headed. 

She has always had this fetish about rain.  If it is raining outside she will not go out.  Which then means she will want to go to the bathroom in the house.  Thankfully that is only a couple of times a year that becomes a problem. 

However we have a new problem.  We had two new dogs move in next door.  They live outside in their backyard.  Lilo is afraid of them.  She won’t go into the backyard anymore.  She has went to the bathroom twice inside this week.  It’s disgusting. 

I think I need a dog whisperer…and a carpet cleaner.


2 thoughts on “My Dog

  1. I’m so sorry for you. I can just imagine your frustration. I also feel bad for Lilo. Obviously these other dogs have rocked her world too. Does she take walks well at all? Would that help in any way?

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