Just one more ride Mom!

We took the boys to our local amusement park yesterday for one final time this season.  First we had to peel them off of the swingset/treehouse that they have begun building a roof on top.  (Thank you Dangerous Book for Boys the inspiration in this project.  I would like to rename the book, Ways to Give Your Mom Gray Hair and a Heart Attack in One Day!  Of course my darling husband would rename it, Ways to Annoy Your Father By Not Putting His Tools Away.  You can take your pick!  🙂 )

The other children in this picture are our wonderful neighbors that we love!  They moved away for 8 months and we are happy to have them home!

Anyway on to the rest of our day.  We had planned all summer to take this picture, but didn’t actually find time to do it until the last day the park was open. 

Silly, but we have a couple other family photos like this from other years that we all just love.  Can’t tell we are a theatre family can you?

Of course we rode many rides.  We really they rode many rides.  I only rode the teacups and the train.  To be honest, I was wishing I hadn’t ridden the teacups either.  I was so nauseous!  Check picture below to see us while actually spinning!

One last hurrah for summer, and a great day for us!


2 thoughts on “Just one more ride Mom!

  1. Weird comment: In the “old fashioned” picture, you’re the only one smiling. In my sick mind I hear your thoughts as, “They’re going away to war. Soon they will be dead and my house will finally be clean.” Of course, you would NEVER be a poisonous Civil War widow. My mind just works like that (as you well know).

    Not so weird comment: Your hair looks gorgeous! I like the cut. You look so pretty in the teacup picture. I have to say that don’t remember you rocking red too much before, but it suits you quite well. I guess, given that you get sick on rides the way I do, it’s good it was taken before the ride. 🙂

    Looks like a fun time for all. Have a good week.

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