Wondering where I have been???

My children approached me at the end of September with their costume wishes.  My mouth dropped open when they showed the characters they wanted to be:

This is Pit. 

This is Ike.  They are two video game characters that don’t stand a chance of being popular enough for me to buy their costumes.  The real super hero?  That would be me, if I could actually make these things.

How did I do?

I thought I did OK.  I bought the wings.  I also didn’t dye youngest son’s hair blue.  So that is what I have been doing for the last week or so. 

It was nice to take a break last night.  My Super Friend, Julie had an amazing  pre-trick or treating dinner at her house.  She had awesome food, 20 some kids, and lots of laughter from the adults.  After we ate we took the wee ones trick-or-treating.

I really wish I had a little girl to dress up like a Princess.  (SIGH!)

Too cool to dress up!  🙂  You know he wants to.

E struck a pose every time I took his picture as did our other dear friend.  Poor thing her “fashion” boots (that was what we called them in the 70’s) about killed her off.

Some teenage girls stopped to pet little Jonah.  How could you not???

My oldest isn’t in the group shot.  He ditched us to go with a friend to his first real Haunted House.  He kept repeating later, “It was scary, fun, but really scary.”  He loved it.  I thought our gaggle of kids had a pretty great time.

Happy Halloween!


Someone Has an Odd Sense of Humor

Last night the Cub Scouts went to tour the new county jail.  It is open to the public before they actually begin using it.  The Scouts loved it.

It was clean, sparse, white and metal everywhere you looked, well almost everywhere.  On the wall every 20-25 feet there are these Plexiglas frames permanently screwed into the walls.  In these frames are motivational messages.  Some of them I totally got.  The one about responsibility: “Acceptance of what happened is the first step in overcoming any misfortune.”

There was one though that sent me into a fit of giggles.  I’m serious!  I just thought this was sort of mean and out of place.  “Happiness:  Joy is infectious; therefore, always be full of joy.” and I kept adding, “in jail!”

Maybe it is just me.

P.S.  My kids thought jail was totally cool.  They kept laying on the cots saying, “I’ve been here for 50 years.”  Lord, help me.

Amy’s Killer Halloween Party–A Success!!!

Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures from last night.  It was so much fun!  Every time we do one of these we just have such a great time.  We had enough food.  🙂  We also had a good turn out!   I have said it so many times before, but we have amazing volunteers at the theatre.

This is “Amy”  aka Alissa.  It was her party.  🙂

The guy in the white hat had not acted before, but you couldn’t tell.  He acted like an old pro.  In real life he is one of the cornerstones of our theatre.  I can not say enough great things about his amazing talents.  He is our set designer, building manager, and all around great guy!

Guests that came!  Without community support we wouldn’t exist.  Thank you!

Edward Scissorhands!  A remarkable costume that makes my jaw drop. 

Austin Powers?  Nope that is just my baby brother and “Stephanie”.  Poor “Steph”  she was getting over being sick all week and was exhausted!  We really appreciated her help though.

More of our guests trying to figure out who did it.  (These guys volunteer a lot at the theatre with a lot of the grunt work.  It isn’t a lot of fun putting away chairs, tables, and repairing walls.  We are very THANKFUL that we have such talented help!)

At our last Murder Mystery this guy was such an interactive guest, we nabbed him as an actor.  After last night we will do the same with his wife next time!

A picture of my brother and I.  In the script she has a crush on “Todd”.  My brother played “Todd”.  It was kind of weird. 

We had a great time and made some cash for the theatre.  Next time it will be bigger and better!  We are doing it again on February 13th!

I Love Fall (maybe Full would be a better term) Weekends

It is Friday night and instead of working on my costume, I chose to blog.  This is a weekend that I have been looking forward to for a while.  Tomorrow night is our theatre’s fund raiser.  We do an adult murder mystery dinner.  I pushed for this.  Some didn’t think we had enough time.  I wasn’t sure.   Just over two weeks ago when we hadn’t sold any tickets, I was in agreement.  Now that we have 65 people (at least–and that is assuming that no one shows up at the door) I’m still not sure we are ready.  I’m not.  My costume isn’t even done.  Did I mention that I only ordered food for 60?  Does anyone else see a problem or is it just me? 

I made Todd go and clean the carpets at the theatre today.  It took over 4 hours.  They look great.  He didn’t complain.  I’m thankful about that.  Tomorrow a crew of us are cleaning and setting up.  I’m a nervous wreck. 

So this weekend I need to:

  • finish my costume
  • finish oldest son’s costume
  • bake treats for church on Sunday (may buy from Wal-Mart)
  • make dessert for the Murder Mystery (may buy cheesecake from Wal-Mart)
  • correct 26 Reading Response journals each with 7 entries
  • watch Juno (plan to knit while doing this)
  • Call Suzanne, read her blog and you can tell she needs to talk

You know that is really it.  Writing it down it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.  I can do this.  I am actually very excited about the Murder Mystery.  If only we had enough food…


So my son got left at Cub Scouts for an extra half hour due to a miscommunication between my husband and myself.  I was thinking I would kiss up to the leaders and go help next week.  I mentioned this idea to E. 

Me: Would you like it if I came and helped out?

E: Uh..no.

Taking a Breath in the Middle of a Busy Week

I am currently in the middle of a 2nd completely crazy week.  It seems like I have huge “to-do” lists looming over my head.  So I am taking a few minutes to think about how blessed I am.

  •  My husband is able to help me with my huge list and is doing so WILLINGLY without complaint.  (Thank you my love!)
  • My son is no longer sick.
  • I am hugged, loved, and told that I am beautiful all day long.  (2nd graders are wonderful.)
  • I work with an amazing group of women at school.
  • I am trusted by a group of people (whose opinions matter a great deal to me) to lead them at the theatre.
  • We have sold over 40 tickets for our weekend fund raiser for the theatre.  It’s a murder mystery dinner, and I am acting in it.
  • God is taking care of us financially while we wait for him to open a door.
  • Fall–it is just beautiful to watch.
  • My friends.  I am blessed with so many people that care for us, pray for us, and love us.
  • My family. 

It is amazing how a sense of peace just overtakes you when you breathe.

Love a Good Barn Raisin’

Have you ever read about or seen in a movie a barn raisin’?  Where everyone in the community shows up to help?  Sometimes when I’m reading the Pioneer Woman’s blog I get a sense of that type of a community.  I also get to experience it first hand sometimes, like yesterday.

I come from a fairly large family.  There are five of us kids.  I’m the middle child.  I am very close to my younger sister and brother, but not to my older brother and sister.  In a way we are like two families.  I know that I can count on my younger brother and sister for anything–no matter how hard, costly, or stupid. 

My mom had been asking me for a month to organize a clean up at her house.  My mom is the cleanest woman I know, but she has been known to make us clean already clean things.  Needless to say I didn’t feel a rush on this.  My mom is also getting older and suffering from horrible back pain, as well as trouble breathing on occasion. 

Yesterday I called them together.  I told my brother and sister to bring their families.  So at 1 pm 11 of us started to deep clean my mom’s house.  We dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed for hours.  We changed all her curtains and bedding.  I made her sort out her giganto collection of magazines.  We got the house spic and span for her.

We did something else too.  We reconnected with each other.  We worked together on a common goal and enjoyed each other while we did it.  It feels good to know that we can count on each other when needed. 

Besides, when momma is happy–everyone is happy.  🙂

Saturday Night

It’s Saturday night.  S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!  Do you remember the Bay City Rollers?  My older sister had their album and I somehow ended up with it.  My younger sister and I would sit singing away to that song.  OK, truth is we sang away to lots of songs.  One of our favorite things to do was get out our 45’s (also given to us from our older sister, Anne), grab a tape recorder, and pretend we were Deejays.  We thought we were so cool.  🙂

Fast forward MANY years and here I sit.  I am making a red cape for my youngest son’s Halloween costume.

By the way if you really sew, than you probably recognize that I have no idea what I am doing! 

I am enjoying our fire.

However, I am also playing nursemaid for my youngest that is suffering from 101 temp.  Poor guy!  Except for him being sick, I love weekend nights at home. 

The Things You Find When You Google Yourself

I googled myself tonight.  I thought it was interesting that my facebook page came up first.  But what came up second surprised me.  It was a poem that I wrote MANY years ago and submitted to an online contest.  It was one of those websites that wants you to then by the book that they will publish it in.  So you are paying to get yourself published.  The poem wasn’t that good.  Here it is anyway.

Being Four

Whistling, rustling leaves
twinkle gold, red, and orange
for just the right wind
to begin their journey.
Your eyes twinkle blue
for just enough leaves
to throw yourself within.

Maggot Checks

So my son says that at school they have been searching acorns for maggots.  They crack open the acorn and if they find a hole, “you have a winner!” (according to my child.)

I asked if this was a science project.  Nope, his friend (and her mom sometimes reads this blog 🙂 ) made it up.  They seem to really love this recess activity! 

Personally, I love it when kids act like kids.  Maybe this weekend we will find sometime to check some acorns.