Are You an Investor or a Spender?

I’m not talking about money.  I’m talking about time.  We all have 24 hours given to us every day.  Are you investing in things you believe in or are you just spending your time?  I am a strong believer in investing. 

If you have been around my blog for a while then you know I volunteer as the President of a local Children’s Theatre in my community.  This takes a CRAZY amount of my time.  I also facilitate a support group for parents of children on the autism spectrum and ADHD.  I also this year chose to give up one of my time investments, the PTO at my children’s school.  I couldn’t do everything and had to find what best fits me.

Both of these projects are things that I care passionately about.  Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes feel stressed and pulled in 80 directions.  I even complain, but I still go.  I still work like crazy and feel great joy when things go right.

My pastor this weekend preached about how you invest your time.  He encouraged people to evaluate if they were investing or spending.  He encouraged people to pray about where they feel God is leading them.  He encouraged people to ACT, and follow up–to get involved. 

I am surrounded by many people that are investing their time in many different ways.   Our world is an amazing place due to all of the “investments” of others.  So are you investing or spending?


5 thoughts on “Are You an Investor or a Spender?

  1. I think I am bordering both. I barely have time to myself, and like you, I am pulled in many different directions. It makes me feel that every area in my life is being shortchanged.

    I am working on coming up with a plan so that I may be more effective in every area of my life. This post was very timely for me.

  2. I feel that way sometimes too. I have had to evaluate my activities. What do I bring to the table? Am I making change? What are the effects that this activity has on me or my family? Spending time in prayer about these things really helps focus me.

    I actually say no to many more things than I used to. Pulling out of the PTO was hard though. I like the people and being involved with my children’s school. However, I knew they have many good people there leading and I personally haven’t had a large effect on anything there. As my theatre responsibilities grew something had to give, and that seemed like the area that should.

    Spend time reflecting and in prayer about where you are being led.

  3. I do need to spend time in prayer! Unfortunately, my time with God has been very brief lately. I am struggling to make time for Him, but I know that I need to because he should be the most important thing in my life. Sometimes I think that the devil works to keep us crazy busy so that we thinkwe don’t have time for God.

  4. That is exactly what we were talking about last night! I completely agree and have a similar struggle. Some days are better than others.

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