Teaching Idea to Help Children Choose Partners

An email that I sent out to the staff at my school, but thought I might post here as well:

Last night I went to my sons’ conferences.  For those of you that don’t know one of my children is on the autism spectrum and has auditory brain processing issues.  In other words, it takes him longer to figure out what we are actually saying to him or asking him to do.  Anyway, his teacher brought up that whenever she asks the kids to find partners he ends up wandering around the room without a partner and unsure what to do.  


Well she and I talked about this for a few minutes and between us we came up with a good strategy for him.  She is going to tell him early that they will be choosing partners later and to choose two people he can ask to be his partner.  Then instead of letting everyone choose their partner at once, she will release them by rows.


I thought this was great and is something many of us could use as we all have these kids occasionally.  You may not have one on the autism spectrum, but you might have one that ends up looking like a deer in headlights when asked to do this.  My son needs the social practice of asking someone to be his partner, but he also needs time to figure out who he is going to ask, how he is going to ask, and what to do if that person is already taken.  My son has the added challenge of becoming easily over sensitized by the activity and volume that ensues from everyone looking for a partner at once.  My instinct tells me that there are others out there that have similar issues.


Hope this is helpful,


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