One of my students recently got glasses and won’t keep them on.  His vision is REALLY bad.  So this is a big adjustment for him.  He keeps taking them off, but he gets embarrassed when we tell him to put them back on. 

I have a student teacher in my classroom this year.  She is doing an amazing job, and implementing many things that I have told her.  I shared with her “the secret word” strategy to use with this little boy.  That way instead of her saying, “Put your glasses back on,” she just says the secret word as their private reminder. 

So the decided their secret word was squirrel.  (I have no idea how this one came about.) Yesterday during calendar I suddenly hear her say, “Squirrel.”  Then about 20 seconds later I hear him offended blurt out, “Why are you calling me a squirrel?”

I had to leave the room before I became a disruption.  🙂

I wonder how many of feel like we are being called squirrels by someone trying to help us?


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