Sarah Palin

Although I am not a huge fan of Governor Palin, I am glad that she seemed to hold her own in the debate.  I think it would have made women as a whole look very bad if she had failed.  I do have to say though that I wish she sounded slightly more academic.  It seemed as if she was trying very hard to be “the mom next door.”  I’m still glad she did pretty well.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin

  1. It is a shame that we have to feel that (although it is probably true) she would have embarassed the entire female gender had she not done okay. Many male candidates, over the years, have made blunders which did nothing but embarass them. We still have a ways to go here in America.

  2. I agree. We have just had so few women make it that far, and so they are still representatives of our gender. I was only concerned due to her interview with Katie Couric. It did not go very well.

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