Day Tripping!

We needed a break.  After a bit of discussion we decide to take the boys down to Madison County.  It is relatively close by, looks beautiful in the fall, and has some interesting historic places to visit.  We’ve been there before for the actual covered bridge festival (which by the way is next weekend.)  We did not want to go during the festival again–too many people. 

We packed a picnic and got on the road.  It was so nice to take backroads and stop at these little roadside parks where the bridges are located.  We also love the city park.  They have an interesting hedge maze and Clark’s Tower.  Climbing up the tower seems precarious, but the view is truly breathtaking.

I packed everything we would need, except I forgot one thing.  The memory card for the camera.  So I didn’t get any pictures, which was my real reason for wanting to take the boys down there.  Yet we came upon something we hadn’t visited before, the Kaser-Bevington House and Historical Complex.  This was truly an amazing find for our day. 

We paid for the tour of the museum and the mansion.  The coolest thing in the museum is this HUGE collection of rocks.  Apparently the Smithsonian tried to get them, but the original collector wanted them donated here…where they are in a basement…where it doesn’t seem like many visitors come…where they are amazingly cool to look at, but…OK I think they ought to be at the Smithsonian.  This is truly a FABULOUS collection.  My kids liked the Mastodon jaws and teeth.

The house was equally interesting, but we have seen a home very similar at Living History Farms.  Living History Farms is truly cool, but a different day trip.  One of the things we disliked at the house was this weird picture sculpture made out of human hair.  That is just gross.

Todd’s favorite part of the day appeared to be when he heard the song, Bony Fingers.  That was as strange as the hair picture. 

All in all it was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the countryside.


3 thoughts on “Day Tripping!

  1. It sounds like a place we have here in Indy called Brown County. I understand needing a break! I think for Fall Break, Rhonda and I are going to take the kids on a day trip to Chicago. Nicholas really wants to visit Legoland.

  2. I know it sounds weird but in the 1800’s they used to make “picutres” out of the hair of people that had died.( By pictures I mean usual floral or other interesting patterns put together to form a figure.) In one picutre you will find many differnet colors of hair. That is because it is from different people in the family that had died. It was a way for people to remember those that had passed on before them.They are kind of creepy when you see themm, but they are interesting none the less.

  3. This was a floral picture. I never thought about using the hair a memorial. Interesting! (Still gross, but interesting.)

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