I am always shocked, surprised, and put in awe by the people that I have the joy of working with at the theatre.  The number of hours that goes into putting on a show is absolutely amazing.  I won’t say that I don’t hear grumbling.  Quite honestly by showtime everyone is usually exhausted. 

Today however I am going to talk about Erica.  She never grumbles, well very loudly anyway. 🙂   She is a dynamo.  She came on the board last year and has been an amazing asset.  She has worked on our marketing and taken on all kinds of things that I couldn’t imagine (newsletters, programs, parent paperwork, volunteer aprons, this list could go on an on…)

Yesterday though she floored me.  We are having difficulty making a DVD.  My brother has been working on it, and asked for some help.  I got to the theatre at 6 pm for a meeting.  Erica had been there a large chunk of the day working on these DVDs.  Unfortunately they still won’t work.  However not because of lack of effort!  She was there at 9 am and still there at 6:30 pm (with a break somewhere in there.)

It is the Erica’s in the world that make me realize how lucky the rest of us are.  They do so much even when you don’t know they are working.  They make these quiet, but powerful changes that have such great impacts. 

So today I am thanking God for the Ericas (and Roberts, James, Jennys, Alissas, Keiths, Dawns, Marys, and the many others.)  Have a blessed day!


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