The Power of a Warm Bath

Yesterday was exhausting, not bad, just exhausting.  One of my students didn’t take his meds that morning.  This particular child goes from being focused, on task, answering questions to constantly putting things in his mouth, sitting under his desk, throwing spitballs…you get the picture.  He just required a lot of energy yesterday.  I know that even with the breaks, heavy work (scrubbing desktops), and stress balls to touch that it wasn’t enough.

So imagine my surprise when at noon I get an email from my oldest son’s teacher saying that he forgot to take his pill that morning and has been having “a little difficulty.”    I emailed her back “I feel your pain.”  I sent my husband over to the school with my darling child’s medication. 

By the end of the day I needed a break.  While my family watched an old John Wayne movie, I ran a warm bubble bath and grabbed a book.  I sank it to the tub opened the book, and looked up an hour and 45 minutes later.  What a beautiful mini-vacation.  How do you escape?


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