Saturday School Trip

My children have an amazing teacher at their school.  She LOVES history.  She wants the children to love history and will spend her free time making that happen.  She organizes many Saturday field trips throughout the year for all of the fifth and sixth graders that want to come.  Parents drive, children learn, and all is well in the world.  Right? 

This would be my car.  Lots of Nintendo DS, noise, and a husband that kept trying to drown out the noise with the car stereo.  We did arrive at our destination 2 1/2 hours later.

A reenactment of a Civil War Battle in Bloomfield, Iowa.  This was actually a spot of a Confederate Raid.

He tried to keep my child’s attention.  He spent a lot of time talking about his guns.  However my child was more interested in this.

E said this was a mutant caterpillar sent from the Union soldiers to secretly invade and attack the Confederates by dismantling the weapons.  (OK, he just said mutant and I added the rest.)

We met President Lincoln. 

Interesting that both of my boys are standing a fair distance away from all the girls.  (Let’s keep it that way.  🙂 )

We also watched the battle.  The canons were a favorite of the kids.  I personally loved watching the soldiers die.  I’m not morbid, but their acting was pretty funny!

We stopped at a log cabin a retired history teacher built at the spot where the raiders had shot and killed one of the Union soldiers.  (That is kind of weird, when I think about it.)

  Thank you to the teachers willing to make learning come alive to our children!


3 thoughts on “Saturday School Trip

  1. I am currently trying to raise the funds ($2000) to pay for the author of the book we are reading to come speak at our school. I have already emailed him and he has agreed to do so. I think this is another way to make learning “real” for the students.

    Kudos to the teacher! The pictures are awesome, too.

  2. DaShaun Morris, a first time author. I know his story and life will appeal to the kids I work with.

    I will need luck…although I am applying for grants! Hopefully one or all will come through. Our school is really stingy with funding–even if it is for a good cause.

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