Maggot Checks

So my son says that at school they have been searching acorns for maggots.  They crack open the acorn and if they find a hole, “you have a winner!” (according to my child.)

I asked if this was a science project.  Nope, his friend (and her mom sometimes reads this blog 🙂 ) made it up.  They seem to really love this recess activity! 

Personally, I love it when kids act like kids.  Maybe this weekend we will find sometime to check some acorns.


One thought on “Maggot Checks

  1. I love hearing stories like this!

    I was fortunate enough to have 25 acres of woods to play in as a kid and my younger sister and I were constantly making up silly games like the one you described. I’m always happy when my own son chooses to make up his own games instead of just turning on the TV or the Xbox!

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