Love a Good Barn Raisin’

Have you ever read about or seen in a movie a barn raisin’?  Where everyone in the community shows up to help?  Sometimes when I’m reading the Pioneer Woman’s blog I get a sense of that type of a community.  I also get to experience it first hand sometimes, like yesterday.

I come from a fairly large family.  There are five of us kids.  I’m the middle child.  I am very close to my younger sister and brother, but not to my older brother and sister.  In a way we are like two families.  I know that I can count on my younger brother and sister for anything–no matter how hard, costly, or stupid. 

My mom had been asking me for a month to organize a clean up at her house.  My mom is the cleanest woman I know, but she has been known to make us clean already clean things.  Needless to say I didn’t feel a rush on this.  My mom is also getting older and suffering from horrible back pain, as well as trouble breathing on occasion. 

Yesterday I called them together.  I told my brother and sister to bring their families.  So at 1 pm 11 of us started to deep clean my mom’s house.  We dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed for hours.  We changed all her curtains and bedding.  I made her sort out her giganto collection of magazines.  We got the house spic and span for her.

We did something else too.  We reconnected with each other.  We worked together on a common goal and enjoyed each other while we did it.  It feels good to know that we can count on each other when needed. 

Besides, when momma is happy–everyone is happy.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Love a Good Barn Raisin’

  1. This reminds me and makes me miss my grandma Wadle. She had 5 girls, my mom was the oldest. I remember going with all my aunts to my grandma’s house to clean when they were away on a vacation. They would always do something special, too, like paint a room and re-decorate it. I miss those times!!! I miss every Sunday after church going to Grandma’s house for dinner, hanging out with family, reading the Sunday paper, taking a nap, catching up on the past week’s happenings of each other. Hmmmmmm……

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