Taking a Breath in the Middle of a Busy Week

I am currently in the middle of a 2nd completely crazy week.  It seems like I have huge “to-do” lists looming over my head.  So I am taking a few minutes to think about how blessed I am.

  •  My husband is able to help me with my huge list and is doing so WILLINGLY without complaint.  (Thank you my love!)
  • My son is no longer sick.
  • I am hugged, loved, and told that I am beautiful all day long.  (2nd graders are wonderful.)
  • I work with an amazing group of women at school.
  • I am trusted by a group of people (whose opinions matter a great deal to me) to lead them at the theatre.
  • We have sold over 40 tickets for our weekend fund raiser for the theatre.  It’s a murder mystery dinner, and I am acting in it.
  • God is taking care of us financially while we wait for him to open a door.
  • Fall–it is just beautiful to watch.
  • My friends.  I am blessed with so many people that care for us, pray for us, and love us.
  • My family. 

It is amazing how a sense of peace just overtakes you when you breathe.


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