Wondering where I have been???

My children approached me at the end of September with their costume wishes.  My mouth dropped open when they showed the characters they wanted to be:

This is Pit. 

This is Ike.  They are two video game characters that don’t stand a chance of being popular enough for me to buy their costumes.  The real super hero?  That would be me, if I could actually make these things.

How did I do?

I thought I did OK.  I bought the wings.  I also didn’t dye youngest son’s hair blue.  So that is what I have been doing for the last week or so. 

It was nice to take a break last night.  My Super Friend, Julie had an amazing  pre-trick or treating dinner at her house.  She had awesome food, 20 some kids, and lots of laughter from the adults.  After we ate we took the wee ones trick-or-treating.

I really wish I had a little girl to dress up like a Princess.  (SIGH!)

Too cool to dress up!  🙂  You know he wants to.

E struck a pose every time I took his picture as did our other dear friend.  Poor thing her “fashion” boots (that was what we called them in the 70’s) about killed her off.

Some teenage girls stopped to pet little Jonah.  How could you not???

My oldest isn’t in the group shot.  He ditched us to go with a friend to his first real Haunted House.  He kept repeating later, “It was scary, fun, but really scary.”  He loved it.  I thought our gaggle of kids had a pretty great time.

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Wondering where I have been???

  1. Thanks. It is really mostly an illusion (the sewing part.) I need to take a class so that I really know what I am doing. I’m working with knowledge from 7th grade home economics. LOL!

    The kids designed their pumpkins. I was shocked!

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