Have you ever been sick and thought, “If I go to the doctor they will just say it is a virus.”  That has been me for the last week.  I had what I thought was just a super stinkin’ cold.  I would go to work, come home, and go to bed.  I did manage a few hours at the theatre for opening weekendof our mainstage production, Schoolhouse Rocks! 

Yet I was too tired to read, knit, cook, spend any quality time with anyone.  So I slept.  I went to bed at 6:30 Sunday night.  Did I ever think about calling in sick?  No.  I have a sub for Thursday already planned for a meeting that I must attend.  I didn’t want two subs in a week.  Besides, it was only a cold.

Finally last night I went to the doctor.  Her first words?  “Well, it isn’t quite pneumonia yet.”  Apparently my “cold” is really a hidden case of bronchitis and an obvious case of sinusitis.  They are kicking my butt.  However did I stay home today?  No.  I’m a sucker for punishment.  Truly I have had three parent meetings in the last two days and one was an IEP meeting.  Those are hard to reschedule. 

I am not the only person that pushes herself too hard.  Do you find yourself doing this?  I’m making a new policy to take better care of myself.  I need to listen more carefully to my body.  Of course, that would take slowing down and …. well we know how well I do that.


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