12 Year Old on a Mission


This morning at church our pastor asked for 25 people that felt called by God to come to the alter.  He didn’t say why.  My 12 year went to the alter.  He does not normally jump up for this kind of thing.  In actuality about 40 people or so went to the alter.  After they were there the pastor explained that someone donated 25 $100 bills to be handed out to these people to do something with, but it was up to them what they would do with it. 

My son actually got passed over the as the pastor handed out the bills.  (Remember I said 40 or so people went up there.)  After Pastor Craig got to the end of the line he had one bill left.  People sarted yelling and pointing to give it to N. 

So there N stood holding this $100 bill.  The pastor is explaining that in 3 months they will need to come back and tell how they used this money.  I could see on N’s face that he was thinking hard.  I’m imaging that  he is thinking about his WII and a new game he could buy.  I was already planning the speech on how it isn’t really his money.

As soon as he came back to his seat he started talking about using it to buy shoes for children in Sudan, or water for people in Africa.  After more discussion there were thoughts about doing something for his school to help with the epidemic of suicides in our school district right now (4 in 10 months.)  Then came an idea of making ugly dolls or monster dolls to donate to the pediatrics unit at the county hospital or a homeless shelter for kids.  He amazes me. 

I don’t know what he will decide to do.  I’m curious to watch and to learn from this child with such a big heart.  God has a plan for him.


2 thoughts on “12 Year Old on a Mission

  1. This is tremendously cool. It would be interesting for Noah to either blog or write about his decision. It would be good for “adults” to hear how he made the decision and what steps he had to take to put his plan into action. I could see this becoming a book or even a web site.

    This is a very cool life lesson. He’s fortunate to be undertaking it.

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