Going Out of My Box

Tonight I have to speak at a city council meeting.  Mainly just to educate them about our theatre.  We were asking for some money, but I don’t think it will happen tonight.  I speak on a daily basis to many kids.  I can even speak to large groups without too much problem, but this has me nervous.  It is my perceived idea of power and that they hold all the money.  It makes me feel vulnerable.  I believe it will go fine, but I am still nervous.

Update:  I need to learn more about politics.   I spoke.  N said my voice sounded nervous.  I knew my voice sounded nervous.  The funniest part is that one of the council members used to have a child in my class.  🙂  I tried to look at her.  I thought it might help calm my nerves.  They didn’t vote on the issue.  They didn’t even discuss the issue.  I said my five minutes and then they went on.  Then we sat there sort of confused (Erica and I).  I’m unclear why there wasn’t a vote and that is why I need to learn more about politics.


One thought on “Going Out of My Box

  1. It’s too late, but good luck. I can just imagine how hard this is — if only BECAUSE you normally hold court so well — on your terms. I send you my good vibes as you navigate the political atmosphere. I’m proud of you for taking the step out of your comfort zone. It means a lot to many. 🙂 It’s so 80s but… You go girl!

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