Kingdom Project


I am loving the Kingdom Project that is happening in our church. N has decided he is going to have a crafternoon during Christmas break and organize people into an assembly line to create Monster dolls. His plan is to then give the dolls to kids either at a hospital or maybe a shelter.

I spoke to others tonight about their ideas. One is thinking about creating gift baskets to do a silent auction and then using that money to do a larger mission project. Another is thinking about finding a way to do some sort of scholarship for kids that academically have made great progress. Another is buying toys for Toys for Tots.

I am really curious to see what all happens here. Everyone that begins talking about it has a twinkle in their eyes. Seriously…I’m not exaggerating.


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Project

  1. I wish our little prairie church could do a Kingdom Project- I have heard of the impact in other churches– our little church is very generous and gives a tremendous amount, but it would be neat to see what our enterprising farm folks could do to multiply what God gives-

    Thanks for the post-

    check out our blogs at
    Wild Horse Hope Ministries

    Prairie Perspective

    In His Hands,

  2. I think this is so awesome!!! You talked about the “twinkle” in people’s eyes and it just puts a huge smile on my face. What a joy to hear people talking about what they can do to make this world a better place!!! I’m so excited about this!!! I get “warm fuzzies” all over. Count my family in as being a part of the assembly line making ‘ugly dolls!” I can’t wait! šŸ™‚ I LOVE this idea!!

  3. I have debated between Angel Tree presents and having a soup/bread making day with the kids. I had thought we could make a bunch of soups and bread and deliver them to people who need a meal or are just down on thier luck. Still thinking/praying about.

    I like the assembly line idea. Your kids are so great!

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