Nephew Turns One

So my nephew (great-nephew, if you want to get technical) is having his first birthday party today.  He is a beautiful sweet boy.I can’t believe that he is already a year old.  I remember last year being at school and getting the call that his mama had delivered.  I was so excited that I literally sprinted out of the school building.  I know I still feel like that when I see him. 

Well last night I made his birthday present.  I doubt anyone will be surprised.  He’s getting a Monster Doll (formerly aka Ugly).  I liked how his face turned out.  I used my sewing machine on the eyes.  I thought it would stay better than whip-stitching it.  Remember he is only one. 


I wish now that I had made a design on his body.  He is a little plain.  He was supposed to have feet, but I attached them wrong and they are sewn inside.  OOPS!  I was getting a little too cocky in my abilities, and didn’t double check my work.  (Hmmmm…sounds like my 2nd graders in math.)

We’ll see if he likes it.


2 thoughts on “Nephew Turns One

  1. He loves his ugly, I think that we should start calling it his lovey though. I don’t want him to call every stuffed doll an ugly lol! He goes around putting his head on it and he goes “ahh.” Its the cutest thing. 🙂

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