The Martha vs. Mary Inner Conflict

I struggle all year with wanting to be like Mary, sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to every word, but finding myself more like Martha, making sure everything is taken care of around us (Luke 10:38-42).   Yet at Christmas time is is like I go into Martha overdrive.  I have already found myself visiting websites on how to be more organized at Christmas.  I have bought or made many presents already.  I have begun to worry about how we will afford Christmas this year.  I have even started planning some special activities for my children.  What I haven’t done is slow down to think why.  I also know from past years that I can get so caught up in the planning that I forget to slow down and enjoy it. 

Why Christmas? It is portrayed in the stories, songs, and pictures as a quiet, serene, night.  I’m sure it wasn’t like that, but I also know it shouldn’t be what I sometimes find myself making it.  God wants our attention, our hearts, and our worship.  As I create dozens of ornately decorated Christmas cookies (that I won’t let my children eat, because they are for others) I know that I am not giving my Lord the praise he deserves.  Like Martha, those cookies end up being about me not Jesus.

This Christmas I am trying to be more like Mary.  I want to breathe.  I want to listen.  I want to enjoy.


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