Christmas Shopping

I’m not doing a lot of Christmas shopping this year.  Since we are currently a one income family, there just isn’t a lot of extra $$$.  I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving with my brother and sister, but didn’t buy a whole lot.

I heard on the television today that mom’s are sacrificing for their children this year, as women’s clothing sales are down 30%.  I believe it.  I know that I am forgoing presents this year.  Our cat and dog both had urinary tract infections and vet bills (OK, what are the odds that both would have an infection at the same time?)  Not to mention the occupational therapy and physical therapy bills that have all come due for E. 

I know I sound all humbug and Scroogelike.  I guess that is how I am feeling a little this year.  That is partly why I haven’t posted much.  Yet I have faith that this to will pass.  Soon it will be a new year, a new beginning.  My job right now is to make this an enjoyable time for my family.  To realize that although things are definitely a challenge right now, we are very blessed. 

We are blessed.  I was able to do some Christmas shopping.  Our stockings will not be empty and Santa will come.


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