Christmas Madness

Why do I do this to myself???

I am beginning to freak out.  I have not been home for an evening since, well I honestly can’t remember.  My tree is up, but has no ornaments.  My house is a pit.  I haven’t had time to make the presents that need made, nor wrap the ones that I have bought. 

We have done some very fun things, but I’m beginning to lose my mind.  Between the many parties, church services, meetings, theatre classes or performances, and kid commitments, I hardly have time to take a breath. 

This week we had a family Christmas party, praise team practice, church, served dinner at another church, vocabulary class, word study class, allergy shots, physical therapy, Christmas caroling with theatre kids, Boy Scouts,  a production meeting for Mulan Jr., an advertising committee meeting, birthday party for E’s friend,  Winnie-the-Pooh waitress, work Christmas party, and I babysat overnight for my darling baby nephew.  Are you tired?  I sure am.

Tomorrow we have to be at both church services to sing, and the boys are supposed to spend the day with their Sunday school class (making/eating lunch, crafts, and then caroling at a nursing home.)  We can’t.  I have to seriously put my foot down and just say no.  The rest of our week is as crazy as last week.  We need a day off (OK, at least an afternoon).  I don’t think I can physically or mentally do it.  Thank God that we get out for Christmas break on Friday.


One thought on “Christmas Madness

  1. I wonder if all of this makes my laying on the couch, sleeping most of the day, sound like a good thing. Then again, you don’t want the undiagnosed sick that goes with it. LOL.

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