Bake, Wrap, Make, Wrap More, Open, Rip, and It’s Over

with a lot of coughing in between it all.

Whew!  I’m exhausted.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  We have had snowstorm after snowstorm which didn’t help.  I can’t believe how fast it went.  It’s hard to remember to be in the moment and enjoy it.  I meant to blog about my favorite Christmas ornaments, our traditions, and my favorite recipes for the holidays.  It just didn’t happen.  Between trying to get things done and being ill, I was lucky that I was ready at all.  Too be honest I was still making presents Christmas morning.  🙂

Today I sit.  I breathe and relax.  I love Christmas.  I love the excitement and the joy.  We had a lot of that.  We had something else though this year.  Honesty.

My children still believe in Santa.  Well at least they did.  I figured that by 12 they would have figured it out.  They hadn’t.  Apparently last week my mom decided it was time to tell N (he was arguing with someone about it.)  She didn’t want to tell me and she swore him to secrecy.  They both told me.  No one in my family can keep a secret.  They shouldn’t even try.

So he asked me if she was telling the truth.  He needed to hear it from my lips.  I said yes, but I would deny it if he ever asked again.  I also said that those that don’t believe (or pretend  to believe- won’t receive. )  He laughed.  He also said he would tell his brother when his brother turns 12. 

All day he kept making references like he was part of some big conspiracy.   I guess he was.  He loved being in the know. 

I’m finding it interesting how things are changing as my children grow.  At Christmas though we should all remember to enjoy it like children. 

Merry Christmas (a day or so late!)


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