Update on the Kingdom Project

My 12 year old, N is involved in a mission project.  If you would like to read about how this started click here and here.

Update:  Last Monday we spent the day at the church.  N had organized a work day to begin creating the monster dolls that he intends to distribute to our county hospital and maybe the family homeless shelter. 


He had 24 people show up to help throughout the day.


Suzanne even came all the way from California to help!  (OK, so really she and Keb just happened to be here and we put them to work.  🙂 )


This was the hardest station, making the faces.  It takes patience. 


This was the the most popular station.  Everyone wanted to stuff the monsters.


This was one of my favorite faces (both doll and friend.)


I was a little worried when we had only completed one in the first hour and a half.


But we kept plugging away.


Altogether we created 40 monster dolls.  We still have quite a bit of fleece, so N is planning another workday.  I’m wondering how many we will end up with!


One thought on “Update on the Kingdom Project

  1. I now you are really proud of your boy, I would be! The monster dolls are really cute and will surely put a smile on any kids face. I also enjoyed how you told this story using pictures–they really are worth a thousand words.

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