My Children Have Been Retrofied!

Thanks to the transitions of regular TV to digital, we have a slew of new channels.  The favorite is hands down a channel called RTN, Retro Television Network.  My family has never been big TV watchers.  My husband and I would watch after the boys went to bed, but the kids have never really been big evening TV connoisseurs.  Probably due to the fact that most of the prime time shows aren’t really kids friendly, in my opinion.

That has now all changed.  Now we are lucky if we can get them to turn it off.  We have all discovered RTN.  It begins early (sometimes 5 am!) with McHale’s Navy, then we meander over to Leave it to Beaver, and Bachelor Father.  In the evening we are all enamored with The A-Team, Magnum PI, Voyagers (my personal childhood favorite), Buck Rogers, and Battlestar Galatica.  However, hands down the family favorite is Emergency! 

As soon as my children overhear the tones and the announcement, “Station 51, Station 51…” they run to watch.  Unfortunately it is on at 9 pm, which is past bedtime.  We now have to tape it (yes–no Tivo.) 

My children know who Friday is, they understand mom is nothing like June Cleaver, and they totally love Mr. T.  Now we have always exposed them to some of our old favorites.  I have seasons of H.R. Pufenstuff, Land of the Lost, and Hogan’s Heroes.  So before you expose your children to RTN (if it is available to you…) may I just say…

“Danger Will Robinson!!! Danger Will Robinson!!!”  You may soon have to peel screaming children off the television screen. 🙂

(On a similarly strange note, one of my students didn’t even realize you could have TV without cable or a dish.  He was amazed when I said we have neither.”)


2 thoughts on “My Children Have Been Retrofied!

  1. We’ve been watching TV Land and old movies. Keb now will stop me when I’m channel surfing if something is black and white because, “This looks like it will be good!” We’ve watched _Leave it to Beaver_ and _I Love Lucy_ (something we all appreciate). That said, he’s in love with Abbot and Costello movies. He thinks Costello is funny and great. He didn’t love _Chitty Chitty Bang Bang_ (Weird trivia, written by the 007 writer), but if it’s _Abbott and Costello Meet Jekyll and Hyde_ he’s all for it. The best part is hearing Taed explain the history. 🙂 It’s a good family thing.

  2. Ha ha! Have you checked out some of the specials on one of your THREE PBS channels. I love it! Gregory likes the Retro shows. The kids like Night Rider and Leave It to Beaver. Hubby is convinced that once the “official” switch is made we may get more channels. i am not holding my breath.

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