Today was a day of unexpecteds.  We unexpectedly had no school due to wind chills of -40.  I unexpectedly had to take my sister two hours away to the University of Iowa hospital for an unexpected biopsy on a cyst in her mouth. 

I have never seen her in so much pain.  Nor have I ever seen her act so…well I will go with witchy.  She’s generally everybody’s favorite person, and has a super high pain tolerance.  That was not true today.  The oral surgeon actually pulled a few teeth as well as biopsied her cyst.  Please pray that it is nothing serious. 

The other unexepected was the beautiful artwork.  Everywhere we turned there was amazing sculptures.  It truly is a beautiful place.  I’m fairly certain that my sister saw none of it. 

I was a little concerned about driving so far in these temps, but it was fine.  Our van was warm, but frustration levels were also high, so it wasn’t always comfortable. 

My mama also went.  It was her birthday.  Happy birthday Mama!  Not a fun way to spend your birthday, but mama’s always want to take care of their babies (even the grown-up ones.)

We won’t find out about the results for a week.  Right now though my sister is just trying to recover, and finding it a challenge as her cheek is super swollen.  It is hard to imagine putting ice on it when it is currently -20 degrees windchill!


6 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Gosh, and I thought it was cold here! I hoped we would AT LEAST have a two-hour delay because it was -5 here, but it was a no go.

    I will definitely say a prayer for your sister. Happy Birthday to your Mom as well!

  2. Your mom and Connor share the same birthday!!! (and Eugene!) Connor said that God gave him the birthday present of, “no school!”

    • Next week. She’s in a ton of pain right now, and her face looks worse than yours did after your wisdom teeth. It’s awful!

  3. Was a nice birthday for the most part. You bought my lunch, thank you. I am definitely praying for your sister. Happy Birthday, Connor.

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