Flood Devastation

Yesterday as we drove through Iowa City we noticed that MANY businesses were closed.  Blocks and blocks of businesses were sitting there empty.  At first we commented how bad the economy is, but then we realized this was where the floods occurred. 

It is easy to forget about some of these disasters or at least put them in the far corners of your brain.  We see things while they are happening on the news, but we don’t see how long these disasters are affecting people.  It is easy to move on to the next news story. 

Driving through this dismal area really brought home how these people need long term help and prayers.


3 thoughts on “Flood Devastation

  1. Flooding in this weather! I had not heard anything about it on the news. I will include them in my prayers.

    Things like this remind me that people are suffering everywhere and all the time.

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