What Do Elementary Teachers Talk About at Breakfast on Monday Mornings?

I know you have always wondered what elementary teachers talk about at breakfast on a Monday morning when they have no students.  Be honest, you have always been dying to know.  Well I won’t hold you in suspense any longer.

Well maybe a minute longer…

or maybe not.  OK, what do we talk about?  How about gay bars and gay porn.  I know…I know…you never in your wildest imagination thought that, eh? (Except for Suzanne 🙂 )

So today we are sitting there discussing that one of the women’s teenage daughters went to teen night at a local gay bar.  The daughter isn’t gay, but truly this is one of the best dancing clubs in the Des Moines area.  So then we start talking about places that we’ve been.

Yes not that long ago I went to a gay bar.  It wasn’t my plan, and I was part of a large group.  After becoming completely uncomfortable by the videos that were being shown, I decided to wait in the limo.  I would have stayed and danced except for the videos.  I don’t want to see those with heterosexuals.

I thought it was pretty funny though that was our topic of discussion over our muffins this morning.  I could tell the kids were away…


3 thoughts on “What Do Elementary Teachers Talk About at Breakfast on Monday Mornings?

  1. Hell, I perfected the inappropriate teacher talk! Hmmm, they didn’t really show videos of that kind when I was a hag. I guess I should be thankful. Then again, how do the lesbians feel about that? I guess that just means times have changed. And I’m old. But mostly times have changed… (to the collective cry of, “You just keep telling yourself that.)

    Honestly, sounds like a stellar day and a great use of your time. 🙂

  2. BTW, why didn’t you have today off? That’s just wrong. No one, and I mean, no one in CA went to school today. Then again, if you hadn’t gone, you’d just be one more day into June. I see your strategy.

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