A Weekend Alone

All my guys went camping this weekend.  They left last night.  So I have a day “off.”  I’ve contemplated this time.   What should I do?  Should I go somewhere?  Should I hang out with friends?  I’ve probably spent almost as much time thinking about what to do, as I will have actually doing it.  🙂

In the end I spent Friday night at the grocery store and asleep by 9:30.  Today I will pop in the theatre this morning, and spend the evening at Teen Improv.  The rest of the time?  I believe I will watch some teaching inservice DVD’s  on the Daily 5 and clean my house.

Does that sound boring to you?  I hate to say it, but it sounds delightful to me.  I will have temporary quiet and release of responsibility.  No one needing me or my attention (except for Lilo and Stitch, our dog and cat.)

I am finally getting a very special package in the mail that I have been working on for a while.  I will get all of Christmas put away once and for all.  I want to bake some cookies.  I need to call Suzanne back.  I am looking forward to today.

What would you do?


One thought on “A Weekend Alone

  1. I feel overwhelmed when I get pockets of “free” time, being that I am not used to much! Like you, I spend more time contemplating what to do! But honestly I think I’d probably do pretty much what you decided to do; but I would try to get some scrapping and grading done.

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