Hi! I do still exist!

This morning in my inbox I got an email from Suzanne.  She was just checking in, because she realized I have been MIA from blogging for almost a month.  A MONTH????  Could it really have been that long???  Wow!  Time has slipped away from me. 

Our family has been in a state of chaos.  Although it has been exciting, fun, and wonderful, it is still chaos.  Mulan is in its 2nd week, and thankfully we only have one more weekend to go.  We are all physically, emotionally, and spiritually a bit drained.  My children climb in bed at night with me for a little while, just to get some “mommy time.”   They don’t seem to care that mommy falls asleep before they do.  🙂

We have all had some sort of virus this last week, not even the same one.  I have head goo and a cough, but my youngest got the stomach virus.  

Even with all of this we have been so blessed.  Todd’s new job is working out well.  He likes it and seems happy.  Mulan is wonderful and the cast has been a joy to work with.  My boys seem to be adjusting to our new schedule and seem more secure with Daddy back at work.

Me?  I’m looking forward to spring break!  In a week I will truly have a bit of down time.  I will sit down catch up on a month of missed blogs and blogging.  I will get my next show fully underway and with any luck, I will get my living room painted. 

I hope you are having a blessed day!  Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me!


5 thoughts on “Hi! I do still exist!

  1. This made my day, today….seeing a “new and updated” blog from you!!! I don’t intend on putting “pressure” on you, but just wanted you to know that I have missed your blogs!! Even though we see each other weekly, and heck walked at 5:00 a.m. together this week. (yeah, spring!!) I still LOVE reading your blogs!! It helps me stay connected to you on a “different level.” Believe it or not….I check daily and even multiple times daily to see if there is “anything new” on Cass’ blog! I KNOW you are so very busy!! I’m excited for you to have some “down time” over spring break. I just want to say, “Glad you are back…in the ‘Blog world.'” Love you!!!

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