Heartbreak at 11

So my youngest is telling me that he delivered a note from a friend at church (Rachel) to a friend at his school (John).   Apparently Rachel decided not to be John’s girlfriend.  The note said, “Dear John, I’m sorry I can’t be your girlfriend.  I like someone else.  Better luck next time.”  Ouch!

Well apparently John is taking this really hard.  In fact according to E, it is going to take him a week to get over this one.  🙂

On another note, I’m trying to recover from massive over scheduling.  Rather than write about how I should know better, but never seem to…I will just try to pick up life here.


3 thoughts on “Heartbreak at 11

  1. Sammi keeps putting messages on Facebook about boys and their being confusing. Must be the age or something. I agree with you. It’s better to go through that now than as a freshman in college. 🙂

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