Gilligan has gone to his Brain

This weekend we borrowed season 1 and 2 of Gilligan’s Island from the library.  E has been playing the theme song for the last couple weeks as an assignment from his piano teacher.  We thought for him to understand the upbeat, happy tempo of the song that he need to “experience” Gilligan’s Island for himself. 

We have now watched Gilligan for days.  In fact he is currently watching his 4 episode of the night.  I watched a couple with him.  We giggled when Gilligan got himself and everyone else covered with glue and feathers as Nasa thought they found life on Mars.  We laughed when Ginger tried to trick the President of Puerto Rico into giving her his gun by flirting with him.  E laughs and laughs. 

His laughter is infectious.  He is one of those people that when he laughs, everyone around him laughs.  When he cries, everyone around him cries. 

No tears tonight though!  Just a lot of the professor (who in retrospect was kind of a hottie–today they would have his shirt off of him–a lot), Ginger (what kind of bras did those women wear?), Skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Howell (BTW I thought they were a lot older than they really were), Maryanne, and our favorite, Gilligan.


One thought on “Gilligan has gone to his Brain

  1. How sweet. I like the idea of his playing the theme song on piano. I can almost see N singing in accompaniment.

    Maybe I should steal the idea for Keb.

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