Itching for Summer

About this time of year my students start to become more difficult.  The days seem longer and their attention seems shorter.  They start gazing out the window and start smelling more than a little ripe after recess.  I love fall and the excitement of beginning a new year, but the end is always bittersweet. 

On one hand I’m as excited as they are for a break from our daily routine.  Plus if I’m totally honest, I’m ready to pass on some of my angels to next year’s teacher. 

But on the other hand, I have so much that I want to teach them still.  Not to mention I will miss all of them when they move on (no matter how ready I am to pass them on.) 

I also truly enjoy my summers.  It is the time I re-energize for the upcoming year.  I plan.  I work.  I take classes, and I plan some more.  It is also therapy time for me.  Teaching is an incredibly difficult job both physically and emotionally.  I enjoy cleaning my house, spending time with my two favorite boys, and exploring different interests.

We are all ready for summer!  I can feel it (and smell it!  Who knew that such little people can create such smell!)


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