Far Too Strange To Make It Up

So last night we went out to a club to see a friend’s band play.  I was sitting with Sarah catching up on a year of not seeing each other.  Suddenly a very intoxicated man came to join us.  Now to help you picture it, we are sitting at a tall bar table, but our husbands are standing a few feet away from the table.  The bar is very narrow and long.  People tend to stand close to each other. 

So our new friend is nice looking, wearing a royal blue, obviously expensive embroidered cowboy shirt.  I actually really liked his shirt.  He talks to us for a while.  We discover that he just moved back here from Chicago. 

He is a mortician.  I’ve never met  a mortician outside of the mortuary.  He choose his career path, because it was guaranteed employment.  He was a pysch major in college.  Apparently he moved back to Iowa because he was laid off–5 different times.  People are living too long he tells us. 

OK-now can’t you just see the boss calling him and saying, “I’m sorry, we have to let you go.  There aren’t enough people dying.  They are just living longer these days.”  I found this pretty funny. 

So suddenly as we are talking he realizes that Jason was hovering around him (BTW Jason was coveting his cowboy shirt-not rescuing damsels).  He asks us who is dating him.  Sarah pipes up, “Well I’m married to him.”  He rolls his eyes and uses his finger to say, “Checked off my list.”  Then he points to Todd, “And I suppose you are dating him?”  I repeat Sarah’s sentence.  He checked me off too and walked away.


3 thoughts on “Far Too Strange To Make It Up

  1. Is it rude to point out how lucky you two are to be married? Otherwise, you could be dating a mortician so bad he’s been laid off FIVE times (longevity? In Chicago? With THAT cuisine?). This is sad to have to say, but I’m guessing he was *REALLY* bad with people (live or dead). 😛

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