A Snow Day–I’m So Sick of Snow Days

Today is the 5th snow day this year.  Currently we will be in school until June 12th.  Today’s reason is an ice storm.  We have 1/4 inch of ice covering everything.   Back in December I was so excited for our 1st snow day!  So were my students, but yesterday when I warned them to watch the news this morning, they all groaned.  They were complaining about not having school!!  That made me smile. 

I have spent my day putting together our new computer, that the boys promptly named AlbertE-PC, and he is amazingly fast.  Our computer crashed on Sunday, and died a painful death.  Thankfully Todd had backed up all the photos and iTunes the day before.  So I think I will sit here and catch up on some past  blogs.  It has been so long since I had anytime to sit and just do nothing special.  This is awesome! 

But don’t get me wrong!  I would have rather been in school today.


5 thoughts on “A Snow Day–I’m So Sick of Snow Days

  1. Seriously! OMG, you’re going longer than we are. We’ll be done by June 3rd. I was actually thinking of coming out for a personal visit the next week, then with Keb in July. Hmmm, I may have to rethink things.

  2. You are not going to believe this, but WE DON’T HAVE SCHOOL AGAIN!!! Apparently many of the schools still are without power. I’m going to work anyway. The boys want to take Keb to Minneapolis. They figure it is the only way to spend “quality” time with you two.

  3. That sucks. Do the boys have a snow day as well? Either way, I get being at school and getting things done. I wish I were motivated to do that on my days off. We can probably do a Minneapolis trip. We’ll plan it out later. Have the best day you can.

    • We’ve had 6 and it isn’t even February. They are polling teachers and parents to see if we would rather go to school on Saturdays than in the summer. My building isn[‘t air conditioned. I’m in favor of Saturdays.

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