Ice, Ice Baby!

So we had a very beautiful ice storm.  However as pretty as it was it caused havoc everywhere.  Yesterday many of our schools were without power so we had another day without school.  This week we have had school twice.  Good grief. 

This morning I look out my front window and I have a huge limb from one of our trees hang limply broken from the trunk.  I haven’t been brave enough to look in the back yard yet.

At my mom’s house last night we were pulling off ice from her siding.  Her entire house was completely sealed in ice.  We actually went for dinner, but heard the boys making some strange noises outside.  When we went out her deck was completely covered in ice chunks.  I looked like someone had dumped 10 big bags of ice on her deck.  They were having a good time, and so we joined them.  We had a contest to see who could pull off the biggest piece without breaking it.  Then we would karate chop it.  It was hysterical.  When we finished we swept her deck and had a foot and half of ice chunks that we were standing in.  I have NEVER seen anything like this. 

I’m a bit sad about my tree though.  Now I am off to deal with crazy 2nd graders!  I will try to get some pictures posted later.


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