My Mom

Last week was my mother’s 69th birthday.  I was just reminded from another blog what a gift it is to have my mother still with me.  You see she is a cancer survivor 4 times over.  She has been cancer free 4 for the last 11 years. 

My mom is an amazing woman.  She is probably the strongest person that I have ever met. 

Things I Love About My Mommy

1.  She loves me no matter what I do.

2.  She is smart.

3.  Her cooking 🙂

4.  She tells it like it is, even when it hurts.

5.  Her independence.

6.  Her creativity. 

7. Her ability to forgive.

8.  Her expectations.  She always expects more of me and is ruthless.

9.  She is my friend.

10.  She doesn’t give up.  She  is always there for her children.

I am blessed with my mom.


4 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Your mom is WICKED smart, has an incredibly sly sense of humor, is loyal, and sticks to her gums. Stubborn comes in a couple of flavors, your mom stocks them all! 🙂 I love your mommy too.

  2. I forgot one more thing. AND your mom is a fantastic example/mentor. She went back to school, got her nursing degree, and had a pretty successful career (save for some of the injuries sustained by difficult patients).

  3. WOW!!!!! I wish I felt like I really lived up to all you say, but thank you so much. And it is not even Mother’s Day. I love you and Suzanne too.

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