A Blizzard Really? No, Really?

Today we had a blizzard….again.  I am so sick of snow and cold and ice and snow and cold and ice.  Ok you get the picture. 

It was pretty in December for Christmas, but now that we have had 6, count them…6 snow days, it’s not pretty anymore.  We are going to school until the end of June.  Crud! 

I will say though at least we had school today.  Lots of the surrounding districts closed, but not ours!  Yeah!  We went and we stayed the whole day.  Around 10 I started thinking an early out would be nice, but it didn’t happen.  Although it did for my boys.  They loved being home alone for a few hours.

Sadly after my husband was laid off from Nationwide last year, he reinvented himself.  He drives a truck now.  He’s driving in this blizzard.  In fact he has driven in in every weather system we have had this year.  He called a few minutes ago to say that he is currently going 3 mph.  Great!  My gray hairs are showing up faster than that!


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