Blogs my Friend, Suzanne Should Visit

Now I could have just emailed this to her, but if I did all of my other friends that have a wicked demented sense of humor would be left out.  🙂

Lets begin by visiting Cake Wrecks.  I got a particularly good chuckle out of the cakes made for schools.

Our next blog stop will be Regretsy .  A place that proves not everything handmade should be sold.

Then on to Mommy Wants Vodka. The first two words I saw on this blog were Aunt Becky and Amelia. So I had to send it to Suzanne.

Then lastly a quick stop at the People of Wal-Mart. I won’t lie I half expect a picture of me to pop up here. I’ve been known to go at 5 am before make-up. I periodically check to make sure it hasn’t, but also for a good chuckle. My favorite was still the lady in the bright yellow dress with smiley underwear showing through.

Hope these made you smile as much as they made me. BTW I have strep and feel as if my whole body is shutting down functions. So a laugh is a good thing. 🙂 Have a nice weekend.


5 thoughts on “Blogs my Friend, Suzanne Should Visit

  1. I’ve actually gone to cake wrecks before. Taed make me look at it. It kind of makes me sad. I can’t decide if it’s worse to GET the messed up cake or to the person too… limited to mess it up. Same with the people of Walmart. You shouldn’t worry though. I’m sure there are some pretty goofy looking people at Target and K-Mart. Although, I wouldn’t mess with the ones at Walgreen’s — some of them are decidedly weird/creepy. Thanks for exposing me to more of the weird/disturbed. Ever since Bizarre went “primarily weird sex” my outlets have been few.

  2. I just spent more time at Walmart. Huge time suck AND biggest scary thing EVER! I’m with you. I’m less worried about SEEING them and much more worried about LOOKING like them! YOW.

  3. You know the thing about Cake Wrecks is that there should be some common sense somewhere. Susan (my sister) bought Even a cake for his 16th birthday. They goofed in so many ways. First they put an Elmo on top of a Strawberry Shortcake design. Then they made it his 18th instead of his 16th. It was truly strange. The worst part was that he worked there.

  4. NO! OMG! That is amazingly AWFUL and weird. I agree with your comment about common sense. Diane says, “Common sense ain’t common!” Now, though, I’ll be wondering which of my students will be the cake decorator at Walmart who can’t figure it out. That will add some amusement to my tiny, sheltered life.

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