Ice Cream, the Tongue Slide, and the Vortex Cocoon

After spending my non-whimsical day pricing garage sale clothes, I took my children to a new ice cream shop.  We tried about 10 flavors.  Cookie monster was awesome!  Almond joy was to die for!  But in the end I got caramel popcorn.  My 13 month old ate most of it, but we sat there with ice cream dripping down our chins.  N had blue ice cream everywhere.  It’s hard to believe he’s the oldest.  🙂

Afterwards the boys argued with me about which park to go to, but I won.  They were so glad.  Our town has redesigned a lot of the city parks.  This one just got finished.  It is really cool, but different from anything I’ve ever seen.  The slide seems like it is dangerous. It looks exactly like a tongue.  You straddle it as you go down.  I can’t get past that it looks like a tongue. 

I’s (my 13 yr old), favorite thing he nicknamed, the vortex cocoon.  You stand inside of a spiral and have someone spin you.  He begged me to spin him over and over.  Now he’s laying on the couch green.  Poor guy!

Whimsy wins over garage sale.


Got Whimsy?

I’m in need of whimsy.  I’m in need of joy, laughter, and happiness.  Lately I feel like I’m in charge of the world (and not doing a very good job of that, by the way.)  It’s time to find happiness.  So I’m taking my blog a new direction for a while.  I will be posting short posts.  What is stopping my whimsy and how I celebrate it. 

I guess it is kind of like an affirmation kind of thing.  If I focus on the good, there will be more good.  So that is what I’m going to try.

I will be back to post before bed.