I spent almost three years as the volunteer President of our Board of Directors at the childrens’ theatre in my town.  I was the Vice-President and our President resigned.  This year I gave up my post.  I’m still on the Board of Directors, but no longer President.  I had good reasons, and I needed to do it.  That being said, I miss it.

It was fun being in charge (OK, not always.)  I was (and think still am) respected by many people in our larger community’s theatre circle.  I felt like people on our board really respected my opinion. 

Sometimes now I feel like they respected the title’s opinion more than mine.  Sometimes I feel like they don’t really need me any more. Sometimes I now feel out-of-place and kind of lonely.   I try to back off and let the new president, whom I like and respect, stretch her wings.  Yet I’m still there to help mentor and guide. 

I miss being the go to girl. 

Now the funny part is I am the one that came up with our term limits, and I did so for very good reasons.  We didn’t want people getting burned out or too much control. 🙂  Now I just have to learn to accept this role again.  It’s hard, because it changed me.  I changed it.  A very small handful of us took a struggling program and really made it take off.  It’s an amazing non-profit small business now with a whole range of programs for the community.  I’m really proud of what we accomplished.  It definitely was a “we” project, but I loved leading my team.  Probably explains my withdrawal.  I’m just learning to keep myself in balance.