I spent almost three years as the volunteer President of our Board of Directors at the childrens’ theatre in my town.  I was the Vice-President and our President resigned.  This year I gave up my post.  I’m still on the Board of Directors, but no longer President.  I had good reasons, and I needed to do it.  That being said, I miss it.

It was fun being in charge (OK, not always.)  I was (and think still am) respected by many people in our larger community’s theatre circle.  I felt like people on our board really respected my opinion. 

Sometimes now I feel like they respected the title’s opinion more than mine.  Sometimes I feel like they don’t really need me any more. Sometimes I now feel out-of-place and kind of lonely.   I try to back off and let the new president, whom I like and respect, stretch her wings.  Yet I’m still there to help mentor and guide. 

I miss being the go to girl. 

Now the funny part is I am the one that came up with our term limits, and I did so for very good reasons.  We didn’t want people getting burned out or too much control. 🙂  Now I just have to learn to accept this role again.  It’s hard, because it changed me.  I changed it.  A very small handful of us took a struggling program and really made it take off.  It’s an amazing non-profit small business now with a whole range of programs for the community.  I’m really proud of what we accomplished.  It definitely was a “we” project, but I loved leading my team.  Probably explains my withdrawal.  I’m just learning to keep myself in balance.


2 thoughts on “Withdrawal

  1. I’d love to see you list all of your accomplishments. Think of it as your resume. Name your triumphs. What (all) did you manage to develop, change, enhance, and put into place?

    Perhaps this is the time for you to think about a different public education job — one as a theatre teacher in a middle or high school? Maybe you’re meant to lead a school as a principal or a teacher leader?

    Is this longing something more, or just getting reacquainted with quiet?

    • More getting reacquainted with quiet and allowing others to take control. I’m not really looking for more, but redeveloping other parts of myself again.

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