Temper Tantrums

I have an incredibly stubborn two-year old.  He even beats my child that used to have three-hour melt downs (autism spectrum).  I have learned that there is a huge difference between a melt down and a full-blown temper tantrum.

Bless his little heart, but he thinks he should be in charge of the world.  He is strong, smart, and very precocious.  This is making for a parenting challenge that I didn’t expect.

I’m having Nanny 911 flashbacks while I try to make him take a time out.  Pretty sure Nanny Jo would have some things to say to me.  I’m not going to wrestle him into a time out though.  I will take him to his bedroom and sit in the door.  Ultimately, once he sits quietly (and this can take 25 minutes–or more)  I will let him up.

We aren’t at a point then that I can get him to sit for two minutes.  I think if he calms himself and sits at all then we are making progress.  I will get there, but first he has to learn that temper tantrum or not, I will make him sit.

Does anyone else have super stubborn two-year olds?


6 thoughts on “Temper Tantrums

  1. *Raises hand*
    We don’t do time-outs, but yes my toddler has got quite the temperament. We tend to let the tantrum run its course and talk about it after it’s done. Sometimes he gets so frustrating that I wonder did I really sign up for all this? haha.

  2. We never did structured time outs. We would send Keb to his room, and he could come out when he was calm and ready to (insert parental goal here). It worked quite well. I know people criticized the practice because he could play in his room, but I felt that playing meant he was over whatever was causing him to “freak out”.

      • Honey, we don’t even want to get into the things our children will do for someone else. Keb eats a whole variety of fruits and vegetables when he’s with friends. I cleaned other people’s houses. Plus, I was compliant at school. (laughing) I think that’s just a quirk or characteristic we learn to accept.

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