Organized, at Least I Would Like to Be

My life is a mess, literally.  I thought I wasn’t able to keep up with housework, schoolwork (the cleaning up part), because of lack of time.  Well now I know it was lack of energy.

It is still daunting to look around my house and realize how much I have to do.  Summer is my organizing time and this year is no exception.  I will be creating my lists and going into summer head first.

I’m a little excited that this summer is longer than most.  We had no snow days this year.  What that really means is that I will make a list that is too long.  🙂  I guess one of my summer goals should be to be realistic.

Summer goal list to come later this week.  Stay tuned.



Wow! I Wonder How Long This Has Been Going On…

Last week I was diagnosed with severe anemia.  This is going to sound strange, but I hadn’t realized how much my life had changed.  I knew that I was having difficulty getting things done, but thought it was just all the time being a mom to toddler was a taking. 

The change was so gradual that I hadn’t really noticed it that much.  The piles at home were because of K.  The piles at school were because of all the extra added duties added on in recent years.  I kept taking more an more things off my schedule and plate, but didn’t have any extra time…

Now I see that is because everything was taking me four times longer to do it.  Feeling better every day.